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Viking Pest Control provide a range of pest control services to domestic and commercial properties in Driffield and across East Yorkshire. Locally based and family run, with Viking Pest Control you can be sure of a professional, friendly and efficient service.

Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information – As we operate within the realms of Protection of Public Health we will still attend work which carries a threat to public health. We are; as always happy to take your calls, listen to your problem and offer advice & guidance and attend your property where necessary and where all reasonable precautions can be put in place. In addition to our regular pest control work Viking Pest Control are also available and willing to undertake large scale disinfection of buildings affected by Coronavirus to help contain the spread of COVID-19 through surface contact. Find out more here.

We offer an integrated inspection, proofing, trapping and baiting service for all rodents in both the home or places of work.

There are many pest insects in the UK, we offer control and monitoring services for all, including fleas, bedbugs, fly’s, cockroaches and wasps.

In the UK nesting birds are protected by law. Viking Pest Control can offer proofing of buildings and structures to prevent access for birds.

Viking Pest Control are experts in Wasp nest removal and Wasp control. We use the most effective method to deal with your Wasp Nest, while ensuring your safety and providing an efficient, speedy and 100% guaranteed effective solution to your Wasp nest problem.

For Wasp Nest removal in Driffield, and the East Riding please see our Wasps & Bees page for further details or contact us now.

Why Choose Us?

Viking Pest Control deliver professional pest control services in Driffield and across East Yorkshire. Viking Pest Control is built on a wealth of experience in pest control and environmental conservation with an ethos of responsible pest control to preserve the natural habitat and ensure safe homes for non-target species. For our customers this means our aim is to not only make you feel protected and safe from pest species in your own home or place of work, but to also do this in a way which has a positive impact on the environment and UK wildlife. We use an integrated pest management approach with the protection of your buildings and property at the heart of what we do in our efforts to prevent your pest problem reoccurring. A visit from Viking Pest Control  will typically include inspection, minor proofing work, treatment and further advice to ensure you get the best possible results for your home or business.

“I strongly recommend calling this company if you have any pest issues. I called Ed on Tuesday and he managed to fit me in the next day to deal with a wasps nest in my roof. Very professional, polite with a wealth of knowledge about his work. I will certainly recommend him to anybody who has a pest problem.”

Linda Silcock

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“Eddy was great, came to do consultation and was friendly, knowledgable and professional. Would highly recommend Viking Pest Control.

Everything was communicated honestly and clearly. Very reliable service”

Suzanna Cox

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“Cannot thank Eddy enough for dealing with our pest problem so quickly and efficiently. It was nice to have someone we felt we could trust in our property and treated our home with respect and care. Thoroughly great bloke to deal with.”

“Thank You for all of your assistance.”

Helen Luka

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Do I have Bees or Wasps? What are the differences?

Do I have Bees or Wasps? What are the differences?

It is the time of year that Viking Pest Control begin receiving calls about bees and wasps. As the weather gets warmer, the heightened activity of bees and wasps can often be a cause of concern if their nest is in or close to your home. Both bees and wasps can become aggressive.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Disinfection Treatment

Coronavirus COVID-19 Disinfection Treatment

Such is the nature of our business that Viking Pest Control are often exposed to potentially lethal and harmful pathogens found within the pest species we deal with and therefore often carry out large scale disinfecting of buildings and areas both prior to and on completion of work.

Viking Pest Control – working with Beverley Beekeepers

Viking Pest Control – working with Beverley Beekeepers

Viking Pest Control can provide safe, effective treatment for wasps and bees and where viable we will always work to ensure the survival of the colony. Viking Pest Control will work alongside the Beverley Bee Keepers Association to deal with Bees, Wasps and Hornets.

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