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We offer an integrated inspection, proofing, trapping and baiting service for both rats and mice in the home or places of work.

There are many pest insects in the UK, we offer control and monitoring services for all, including fleas, bedbugs, fly’s, cockroaches and wasps.

In the UK nesting birds are protected by law, but where feasible we can offer proofing of buildings and structures to prevent access for birds.

Domestic Visit

A visit to your home by Viking Pest Control will start with a full assessment and inspection of the problem, once we have discussed with you and decided on the best course of action we will begin addressing the problem through our integrated pest management approach.

Commercial Visits and Contracts

Pest species can cause serious damage to your property, goods, reputation, and ultimately your business if you do not take steps to protect against pest species. If you operate a business you may have a legal obligation to protect your staff and customers from pest species, especially if you operate in the food supply or catering industry. Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Food Safety Act 1990 businesses are required by law to protect public health from the effects pest species, this is where Viking Pest Control can help.

Viking Pest Control offer both commercial and domestic pest control services using the integrated pest management approach with the protection of your buildings and property at the heart of what we do. We can offer a range of safe, effective and reliable, pest control methods in a friendly, helpful and discreet manner to suit your business needs. From surveys to regular monitoring visits, building proofing to deep cleans, Viking Pest Control will assess, treat and advise on the best way to tackle problem pests and reduce the risk of reoccurrence, helping you, your customers, staff and business feel safe and protected.

Bird and Solar Panel Proofing

In Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire we are lucky to have an abundance of diverse wild bird species, however; from time to time we have a need to control birds including where they nest, feed and inhabit, sometimes birds can come in to conflict with human activities and even can make your home their own. When this happens it can not only pose a risk to the birds themselves, but also to humans too, through the spread of diseases dangerous to public health, this is where Viking Pest Control can help. We have a range of bird proofing materials such as optical gels, spikes, wire and netting which can be used to prevent access to your building and structures for certain bird species.


We offer a range of safe and secure pest management services on educational premises where children are present in large numbers. Ensuring the safety of pupils from pests on your school/educational premises is of paramount importance to us and we will ensure that your students are safe from the effects of pests and pest control methods throughout the grounds. In addition to our pest management services we can also provide educational talks on pests and pest species in the natural world, their impact, presence and pros & cons of controlling of certain species.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, invoice and all major credit and debit cards.