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Black Rat – Rattus rattus

The Black Rat like the Brown Rat originated in Asia, however; it made its way to the UK shores some 2200 years prior to the Brown Rat, remains of Black Rat found in York date back to the 4th Century BC. Sometimes called the Ship Rat as it is thought to have been brought back to the UK with the early voyagers, it is also known as the Roof Rat due to its ability to climb and preference for high places.

Despite once been numerous, infamously so during the 1300’s when it was thought to be responsible for the Bubonic Plague, the Black Rat is now rare in the UK and mostly only seen around docks and harbours high up in warehouse buildings.

Smaller, lighter and more slender than the Brown Rat, the Black Rat is otherwise similar in most other aspects. Sexually mature at around 3 to 4 months a female can have between 4 and 6 litters per year each containing 4 to 8 young, with a natural lifespan on average of 12 months. Like the Brown Rat, Black Rats require to drink daily and eat around 50g of food per day and while omnivorous, will always favour fruit and vegetables.

Rats can pose a serious risk to your health and spread a number of diseases including, Weils disease, Listeria, Salmonella, E.Coli and Hantavirus so it is vitally important to ensure good hygiene practises whilst dealing with a Rat infestation.

Viking Pest Control have a range of professional Rodent control methods to stop Rat, Mice and Squirrels in their tracks and keep your home or business safe.

As supporters of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticides Use, Viking Pest Control follow the Integrated Pest Management approach undertaking a thorough assessment of the problem and the reasons why, only using chemicals/poisons where considered necessary.

If you think you have a rodent problem on your property please contact us to arrange an appointment or for some friendly, helpful advice and we will always be happy to help.

If you require any information regarding rodent control services please feel free to contact us for any advice. We provide an initial rodent control inspection and offer advice on the necessary treatments.

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A visit to your home by Viking Pest Control will start with a full assessment and inspection of the problem, once we have discussed with you and decided on the best course of action we will begin addressing the problem through our integrated pest management approach.

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By choosing Viking Pest Control to service your premises, we can give you peace of mind against contamination occurring from pests. A pest problem can have a massive impact on your business but a contract with us will help protect you against potential losses.

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Bird & Solar Panel Proofing.
As specialists in work at height we can supply and install a range of bird proofing options on your building and solar panels to prevent birds from roosting and perching helping to keep your building clean and pest free.


We offer a range of safe and secure pest management services where children are present. Ensuring the safety of pupils from pests on your grounds is of paramount importance to us and we will ensure that your students are safe from the effects of pests and pest control methods.

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