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Squirrels – Sciurus carolinensis

As is well documented the Grey Squirrel was introduced to the UK from the USA in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s and quickly established itself very successfully, it would sometimes seem especially so in Hull and East Yorkshire. What often isn’t known is how this rodent can cause substantial damage to a building if entry is gained.

The Grey Squirrel like all rodents have incisors which grow constantly throughout their life and therefore Grey Squirrel will gnaw on a variety of materials including timber, copper pipe and electrical wiring hence making them a serious problem if they enter your home and in particular, loft space. Squirrels will also gnaw at materials which are in their way or can be collected as a nesting material for their drey.

As their name would suggest the Grey Squirrel is grey in appearance although can sometimes appear reddish in their face and on the sides of its body. Larger in size compared to the native Red Squirrel, Grey Squirrels are typically 40-50cm long and can weigh between 450-650g. A Grey Squirrel can eat 40-80g of food per day, made up mostly of nuts, grains and vegetation such as tree shoots, flowers, bulbs, and also fruit. They will also eat bird eggs and insects from time to time.

Reaching maturity at 10 months the average life span of a Grey Squirrel is 2 years but may live as long as 5 years. Each year a Grey Squirrel can have 3 or 4 litters after a gestation period of 45 days, litters can contain between 1-8 young but on average contain only 3.

If you have Grey Squirrel in your home or loft space you are likely to hear them first of all, after that signs may include a large amount of mess caused by gnawing and chewing of property and timbers, you may also see long thin droppings around. After finding evidence it is often worth observing from the outside to provide clues to the entry point and install proofing measures to prevent future access.

As a non native/invasive species it is illegal to release Grey Squirrel once trapped.

Viking Pest Control have a range of professional Rodent control methods to stop Rat, Mice and Squirrels in their tracks and keep your home or business safe.

As supporters of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticides Use, Viking Pest Control follow the Integrated Pest Management approach undertaking a thorough assessment of the problem and the reasons why, only using chemicals/poisons where considered necessary.

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