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Viking Pest Control Insect Treatments

Viking Pest Control offer insect treatments in Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire. An insect visit from Viking Pest Control will involve an initial inspection to determine the location and possible cause of infestation. Information will be provided and the appropriate pest control treatment will be applied which may result in the exclusion of humans and pets for up to 4 hours. Depending on the treatment applied the pest technician will advise if further visits and monitoring is required.

Wasps & Bees

There are currently two established species of Wasp in the UK that commonly sting, the German Wasp and the Common Wasp. These Wasp species can become very aggressive in the late summer months. Treatment for Wasps Nests in Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire can be safely carried out all year round by your Viking Pest Control Technician. There are also several UK Bee species, contrary to popular belief none of which are protected under environmental law, however; Viking Pest Control will always work with local Bee Keeper Associations where possible to ensure the survival of the hive/swarm. Please click below for more information or contact us now to book an appointment if you have a Wasp or Bee problem.



Bed Bugs

Bedbugs do not spread disease or bacteria but are a bloodsucking insect that will feed on humans, however; studies suggest up to a third of humans will not have any reaction to bedbug bites. Bedbugs will come out at night attracted to the heat and carbon dioxide exhaled by a sleeping human. A Bedbug infestation can be distressing but Viking Pest Control have the knowhow to deal with your problem sympathetically and efficiently. A spray treatment will need to be applied to affected areas and a laundering regime using hot washes applied to as much bedroom laundry as possible. Contact us for further help and advice or to book an appointment.



A bloodsucking insect that will feed on humans and pets. Fleas are commonly picked up by pets and brought into the house where they can survive for up to 3 months with a regular host to feed on, however; without a blood meal adult fleas may only survive a few days but the egg and larval stage may lay dormant for months.  Pets will need to be treat by owners themselves. Viking Pest Control can offer advice and guidance on flea problems and carry out treatments to deal with fleas in Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire. Contact us for further help and advice or to book an appointment.


Flies can spread bacteria and contaminate food through their feeding habits. Flies will often feed on bin waste and even animal and human excrement, and anything else including freshly prepared food. Finding and eliminating the route cause of the flies is key, if you can eliminate what is attracting them this can often solve the problem, failing that Viking Pest Control have methods to deal with many species of flies trough ULV fogging,  placement/servicing of Fly Units and pheromone traps. Contact us for further help and advice or to book an appointment for fly treatment in Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire.


There are two species of Cockroach in the UK, the Oriental Cockroach and the more common German Cockroach. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects and are most commonly seen in the kitchen at night time. A cockroach infestation in your home or business can be very distressing and for business premises can cause major problems through the spread of illness and diseases such as Salmonella, dysentery and gastroenteritis. Viking Pest Control can carry out a detailed inspection and treatment for cockroaches using a variety of chemicals to deal with the problem at hand. Removal of harbourage, denial of food and a thorough cleaning regime will also need to be followed. Contact us for further help and advice or to book an appointment.

Clothes Moths

Unlike some other insects Clothes Moths do not pose any risk to human health however; they can potentially cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to your personal belongings if left untreated for a long enough period. There are many ways to treat and prevent a clothes moth infestation such as regular washing, dry cleaning and vacuuming. Viking Pest Control can offer treatment for infestations of clothes moths and provide follow up advice to avoid reoccurrence of moth problems. Contact us for further help and advice or to book an appointment.


Do not pose any risk to human health but can be a nuisance species in and around the home. There are 4 species of Ant in the UK, Pharaoh Ant, Rogers Ant, Ghost Ant and the more common Black Garden Ant. If you are concerned about ants in and around your property Contact Viking Pest Control and we can help, offer advice and provide Ant treatments in Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire.

Stored Product Insects (Weevils and Beetles)

Stored product insects can cause huge losses of products and subsequent earnings for businesses involved in the food supply industry. Viking Pest Control can offer treatment and advice for businesses with infestation problems of species such as Grain Weevil, Rice Weevil, Flour Beetle and Biscuit Beetle. Contact us for further help or to book an appointment.


There are a large array of beetles in the UK which may be considered a pest and they can potentially do serious damage to your building and possessions if not treat correctly. The infamous Furniture Beetle – AKA Woodworm, is most commonly known for causing structure damage to timbers and furniture but similarly and less common these days is the Death Watch Beetle which will also cause damage to hardwood furniture and timbers.
Another familiar pest beetle is the Carpet Beetle (pictured) which are common throughout the UK. Adult Carpet Beetles are actually pollen feeders, however the larval stage know as Woolybears can cause a large amount of damage to the textiles on which they feed, including carpets, clothes and curtains. Many species of beetle can also be classified as Stored Product Insects, such as Larder Beetle and Biscuit Beetle. These are often found feeding on human food stuffs such as flour, cereals, spices, biscuits and for the Larder Beetle even cheese and ham. In fact the Biscuit Beetle a common UK species, have even been known to survive on poisonous powdered substances. If you think you may have a beetle problem please feel free to contact us for further friendly, professional and helpful advice.


Not an insect but an arachnid. There are approximately 650 species of spiders in the UK and although they can cause many people to be scared none pose a risk to humans with of course the exception of the well publicised False Widow Spider. Despite its reputation gained in the press even this poses very little risk to humans. At Viking Pest Control we are committed to preserving wildlife, however we are always available to help out. Contact us should you have a problem which you feel needs dealing with by a pest control professional.

If you require any information regarding insect control services please feel free to contact us for any advice. We provide an initial insect control inspection and offer advice on the necessary treatments.

Domestic Visit

A visit to your home by Viking Pest Control will start with a full assessment and inspection of the problem, once we have discussed with you and decided on the best course of action we will begin addressing the problem through our integrated pest management approach.

Commercial Visits

By choosing Viking Pest Control to service your premises, we can give you peace of mind against contamination occurring from pests. A pest problem can have a massive impact on your business but a contract with us will help protect you against potential losses.

Bird Proofing

Bird & Solar Panel Proofing.
As specialists in work at height we can supply and install a range of bird proofing options on your building and solar panels to prevent birds from roosting and perching helping to keep your building clean and pest free.


We offer a range of safe and secure pest management services where children are present. Ensuring the safety of pupils from pests on your grounds is of paramount importance to us and we will ensure that your students are safe from the effects of pests and pest control methods.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, invoice and all major credit and debit cards.