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Feral Pigeon

As a descendent of the Rock Dove which historically would have nested on cliffs and other rocky sites the Feral Pigeon’s behaviour is not too far separated from it wild ancestors and are commonly seen nesting on building ledges, under eaves or on girders and other structures around Hull, Beverley and East Yorkshire.

Rock Doves were originally domesticated to provide a food source however after escaping captivity bred prolifically with other similar species of domesticated pigeon and are now known as the Feral Pigeon that we associate with towns and cities around the region.

Feral Pigeons are capable of breeding all year round and can have up to 9 broods per year, each brood usually consisting of 2 eggs. After 18 days of incubation chicks will hatch and be fully fledged at around 30 days. Average lifespan for Feral Pigeon is 3 years but may live as long as 5.

Feral Pigeon are smaller than their cousin the Wood Pigeon and can be identified easily through their iridescent neck and breast colourings containing a mix of blues, greens and reds and the two distinctive black bars on its folded wing.

The Feral Pigeon can gather in numbers from 50-500 and when numerous in a building can cause a range of problems from creating leaks to spreading disease. Not only can the bird guano (faeces) be corrosive to some building materials but it also contains a large number of pathogens hazardous to human health, in particular Feral Pigeon guano also contains the fungus responsible for Histoplasmosis, a condition which can be fatal, which can infect humans through inhaling dust and spores when disturbing the guano. In addition to this Feral Pigeon and their nesting behaviour may also be responsible for the introduction of secondary pests such as Fleas, Flies, Lice and Mites in your home or business.

However; Viking Pest Control can help, we have a range of bird proofing materials such as optical gels, spikes, wire and netting which can be used to prevent access to your building and structures to prevent access and perching of Feral Pigeon.

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