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Viking Pest Control Rodent Services

Rodent problems in your home or place of work can happen for a number of reasons such as; drainage issues or building faults which rodents will then exploit to enter your property. Once inside your property Rodents can spread out and where possible will enter the living spaces to look for food and nesting materials, therefore good housekeeping can be pivotal in ensuring rodents do not get a foothold in your property. Left unchecked rodents can present a serious risk to your health through the spread of diseases found in urine or droppings, they have the potential to cause serious damage to possessions and stock and may even cause fire through chewing and gnawing on electrical cables.

Common places in your building where you may find rodent activity include; loft/roof spaces, under kitchen units, floorboards and stairs or in cavity walls. As part of out inspection Viking Pest Control check all of these areas whenever possible. For a business a Rodent problem can be devastating for the reasons already mentioned but in addition a Rodent issue may also cause loss of reputation or even closure, this is especially true for food retailers.

Viking Pest Control can offer regular visits to your premises ensuring your business stays open and pest free all year round. We have a range of professional Rodent control methods to stop Rat, Mice and Squirrels in their tracks and keep your home or business safe. As supporters of the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticides Use, Viking Pest Control follow the Integrated Pest Management approach undertaking a thorough assessment of the problem and the reasons why, only using chemicals/poisons where considered necessary.

If you think you have a rodent problem on your property please contact us to arrange an appointment or for some friendly, helpful advice and we will always be happy to help.

Rats, Mice or Squirrels in your home can be distressing and a major cause for concern, but when a Rodent problem occurs a call to Viking Pest Control will ensure a speedy and efficient solution to your Rodent issue. Operating throughout Hull and East Yorkshire, Viking Pest Control offer a comprehensive approach to Rodent control. As part of the initial visit our pest technician will carry out an assessment of the problem and look for signs of Rodent activity such as; droppings, gnawing/chewing of stored materials, smear marks, points of access, and harbourages. Once confirmed we will begin working on the problem straight away by providing and starting a treatment programme which may involve trapping, baiting or removal of habitat or points of entry for the Rat, Mouse or Squirrel.

Minor proofing work that can be carried out will be included in the cost of the treatment and inspection, advice will be given on how the customer can reduce the risk of reoccurrence and subsequent visits will be scheduled if required and a treatment report will be left. It is normal for a domestic rodent treatment to be controlled with 1, 2 or 3 visits, depending on the scale of the problem the number of visits could be extended.


Can spread disease such a Weil’s and salmonella.Causes damage to property through gnawing. Can eat 25g of food per day.

Can spread disease such as salmonella and listeria. Causes damage to property through gnawing. Eats and drinks only 3g per day.

Brown in colour compared to House Mouse and has large ears and eyes. Has a hairy tail and will cache food by covering it over.

Black in colour compared to Brown Rat and has large ears and eyes. Will usually be seen high up in buildings, but is rare in the UK.

Squirrels – Sciurus carolinensis

The Grey Squirrel is an introduced species brought to the UK in the late 19th century that has successfully adapted to the point of becoming a pest species. Generally Viking Pest Control will not actively hunt out Grey Squirrels, however; if you have Grey Squirrels causing problems on your property Viking Pest Control can help. We offer property proofing services to stop Grey Squirrels from entering your home and in particularly loft space where they can cause substantial damage through gnawing. Release of Grey Squirrels is a prosecutable offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and therefore any captured Grey Squirrel must be culled humanely. Contact us for further advice or to book and appointment.

Mole – Talpa europaea

Not a rodent an insectivore. Considered a pest by some landowners and can cause expensive damage especially on golf courses Moles will spend their entire life below ground and tunnel throughout the year with tunnelling waste forming the infamous molehill. There are many ways to humanely control Moles which can be purchased in most hardware stores, these mainly revolve around encouraging the Mole to move its territory. Traps are also available to use but it is important to understand how Moles use their tunnels in order to trap them successfully. If you feel you have a problem with Moles Viking Pest Control are available to offer advice and treatment, please contact us if you would like to discuss options for dealing with a mole problem on your property.

If you require any information regarding rodent control services please feel free to contact us for any advice. We provide an initial rodent control inspection and offer advice on the necessary treatments.

Domestic Visit

A visit to your home by Viking Pest Control will start with a full assessment and inspection of the problem, once we have discussed with you and decided on the best course of action we will begin addressing the problem through our integrated pest management approach.

Commercial Visits

By choosing Viking Pest Control to service your premises, we can give you peace of mind against contamination occurring from pests. A pest problem can have a massive impact on your business but a contract with us will help protect you against potential losses.

Bird Proofing

Bird & Solar Panel Proofing.
As specialists in work at height we can supply and install a range of bird proofing options on your building and solar panels to prevent birds from roosting and perching helping to keep your building clean and pest free.


We offer a range of safe and secure pest management services where children are present. Ensuring the safety of pupils from pests on your grounds is of paramount importance to us and we will ensure that your students are safe from the effects of pests and pest control methods.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, invoice and all major credit and debit cards.