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Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information – As we operate within the realms of Protection of Public Health we will still attend work which we deem to be an emergency or that which carries an immediate threat to public health. We are as always happy to take your calls, listen to your problem and offer advice & guidance and still even attend your property where absolutely necessary and where all reasonable precautions can be put in place. In addition to our regular pest control work Viking Pest Control are also available and willing to undertake large scale disinfection of buildings affected by Coronavirus to help contain the spread of COVID-19 through surface contact.

Viking Clean – cleaning, disinfection and decontamination services

When a pest problem has occurred and subsequently been solved, often the pest species will leave behind a large amount of mess due to their nesting activities or toilet habits. Rodent and Bird droppings in particular can carry a range of diseases which are dangerous to your health, it is because of this Viking Pest Control will often recommend a through decontamination; and we can help with that too.

Due to the nature of our business Viking Pest Control often discover areas which require decontamination and cleaning and have become experts in deep cleaning where pest issues have occurred.

Using specialist disinfectant and cleaning products, as part of our cleaning process we will carry out; disinfection of the area to make the working space safe, removal and disposal of any contaminated materials, removal and disposal of all guano/faeces, a final disinfectant application and then a renewal of any disposed of materials such as loft insulation.

In addition to cleaning of pest infested areas we can also offer;

  • Decontamination and disinfection of large spaces such as offices and warehouses quickly and efficiently.
  • Cleaning of hard to reach places such as guttering, conservatories and solar panels.
  • Jet washing of external surfaces such as patios, driveways and walls.
  • Internal cleaning and deep cleans of carpets, kitchens and loft spaces.

If you have a requirement for cleaning, disinfection or decontamination services please contact Viking Pest Control to find out more.

Information regarding Coronavirus disinfecting services

In addition to the work we usually carryout Viking Pest Control are also willing to undertake large scale disinfection of premises and buildings where businesses operate and require such a service to help contain the spread of Covid-19 through surface contact.

The PX Disinfectant products used by Viking Pest Control as part of our routine decontamination procedure have been confirmed to be an effective virucidal against single stranded RNA genome enveloped viruses, of which Coronavirus is included.

Should you feel this service may be of benefit or know of areas which are currently undertaking disinfectant procedures and would like help to consolidate their procedures by using our efficient fogging application system then please contact Viking Pest Control and we may be able to help.

While this system alone may not be able to prevent the spread of Coronavirus it may help to prevent the spread of the virus through surface contact/exposure. For more information please also visit the UK Government advice page https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus


If you have a requirement for disinfection or decontamination services please contact Viking Pest Control to find out more.

If you require any information regarding Viking Clean services please feel free to contact us for any advice. We provide an initial cleaning inspection and offer advice on the necessary treatments.

Domestic Visit

A visit to your home by Viking Pest Control will start with a full assessment and inspection of the problem, once we have discussed with you and decided on the best course of action we will begin addressing the problem through our integrated pest management approach.

Commercial Visits

By choosing Viking Pest Control to service your premises, we can give you peace of mind against contamination occurring from pests. A pest problem can have a massive impact on your business but a contract with us will help protect you against potential losses.

Bird Proofing

Bird & Solar Panel Proofing.
As specialists in work at height we can supply and install a range of bird proofing options on your building and solar panels to prevent birds from roosting and perching helping to keep your building clean and pest free.


We offer a range of safe and secure pest management services where children are present. Ensuring the safety of pupils from pests on your grounds is of paramount importance to us and we will ensure that your students are safe from the effects of pests and pest control methods.

Payment Methods

We accept cash, invoice and all major credit and debit cards.